No, this is not an April Fool’s joke! After a busy couple months of development, I’m happy to announce that I’m releasing carbonOS 2022.1

What is carbonOS?

carbonOS is a Linux distribution that focuses on UX and robust system design more than it does on compatibility with Linux tradition. It is an atomic distribution, which means that OS updates are always safe. The system’s layout ensures the integrity of system files. Unlike other atomic distros, carbonOS does not attempt to keep around traditional package management features: carbonOS is Flatpak-first for apps an container-first for everything else.

carbonOS’s end goal is to be a distro that uses Linux’s unique capabilities to provide a secure, stable, and robust environment for users’ apps. I want it to be a general-purpose OS that the user doesn’t have to think about. Users should be able to game on it, work on it, program on it, and do whatever else they want without ever having to worry about the technical details of their operating system.

If you’d like a more detailed explanation of the project, including its development history, please see the original release announcement!

What’s new?

I’m happy to announce that, for the first time in project history, I’ve accepted code contributions from other people! I’d like to thank Alex Fuller and Kyle Rosenberg for their contributions this cycle! I’d also like to thank GitLab for Open Source for granting the project free access to GitLab Ultimate!


A lot of work needs to be done before carbonOS is ready for prime time. For the next few releases, I’m planning on focusing on these areas:

For more detail on these changes and to track progress, check out the milestone on GitLab!


If you’re interested in contributing, there are many different ways you can! If you’d like to test out carbonOS, you can download it here. If you’d like to contribute code or translation, check out the source code and join the development channel: #carbonOS on Matrix. Thank you!