Thank you for being an early adopter!

Please be aware that this is an early development build of carbonOS. carbonOS is still unfinished. There will be breaking changes. carbonOS will not automatically convert your data to new formats when upgrading between development releases. There are still many quirks and unfinished features that you will have to work around. Do not use this release in production or in any other critically-important environments.

All that said, I’d greatly appreciate it if you tried out carbonOS and gave me your thoughts! This has been a passion project of mine for the last 4+ years, and I’m finally ready to publish some of my work. I believe that carbonOS’s model has lots of potential and, once polished up a bit, will be extremely usable as a daily-driver OS. However, this project will not meet its full potential without community feedback and support.

So, sincerely, thank you for being one of the first few people to try my OS!

Click the button below to download the carbonOS installer ISO. Since you’re going to be trying out such early software, please join #carbonOS on Matrix where I’ll be able to guide you through any issues that come up. For installation instructions, please refer to this support page. Please take a look at this support page even if you’re experienced with the installation of Linux distros.

Download 2022.3