An open operating system designed from the ground-up to be intuitive and robust.


carbonOS is designed to be minimal and intuitive. It gets out of your way and lets you focus on your work. Powerful features like system-wide search and the control center make it easy to accomplish quick tasks without opening any other apps. Features like do not disturb and the overview let you separate work and play

Perfect Updates, Every Time

Update your systems confidently! carbonOS's innovative design makes sure that updates are completely safe to install. In fact, updates happen in the background while you're working, and all it takes is a reboot to apply them. If something does somehow go wrong, carbonOS will automatically undo faulty updates! You can also undo updates manually if necessary

Keeping You Safe

carbonOS takes great care to protect you and itself from potentially malicious programs. All system files are locked and read-only, making it difficult for anything to tamper with or hijack the OS. Apps you install are kept isolated from each other, limiting the impact of any vulnerabilities or malware.

Open Source

carbonOS is an open source project, meaning that anyone can audit, improve, remix, and redistribute its code. This includes security researchers, curious users, or developers looking to extend the system. carbonOS is built on a strong and stable foundation of Free and Open Source software, and we provide the latest technologies the GNU/Linux stack has to offer.


These kind organizations have made substantial contributions of hardware, server space, or other essential resources to the project. We use these donated resources to develop carbonOS and run all of our infrastructure.